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Press Release

134 (Bedford) Squadron
Air Training Corps
MK42 0TH

Flight of The Valley Kings

17th March 2016

After a long drive the previous evening to RAF Valley on Anglesey, North Wales. Cadet Warrant Officer Robert Goates was up early to be kitted out in flying gear for what would prove to be the ‘flight of a lifetime’ in a BAe Hawk T.2 fast jet, with number IV (R) Sqn RAF.

After receiving his flying suit and helmet he went off to the medical centre to ensure his was fit and well for his impending flight. The medical staff signed him off and he was one step closer to that afternoons flight.

Next came the safety briefing, followed by a training session in the state-of-the-art flight simulator before being introduced to the actual Hawk T.2 aircraft that Robert was to fly in.

At 4pm CWO Goates was strapped in, jet engines whined into life and the aircraft rolled onto the runway, piloted by Flt Lt Mark “Mostyn” Payne, they soared into the clear blue sky. They flew from RAF Valley to Liverpool Airport for a ‘touch and go’ landing followed by a 4G sharp right turn to track the River Mersey. Flt Lt Payne demonstrated the versatility of the aircraft with aerobatics before allowing Robert to lightly place his hands on the controls as he performed manoeuvres so he could feel the movement.

During the flight, FS James Tye visited the Air Traffic Control where he watched the take off and was able to monitor the progress of the flight on RADAR.

After an amazing 45 minute flight the aircraft landed back at RAF Valley where Robert experienced a demonstration of a short landing drill deploying the parachute to stop the Hawk rapidly.

Shortly after his flight CWO Goates said “It was an amazing flight. The aircraft was really impressive. Thank you to Flt Lt Payne for his expert flying.

FS James Tye said “Thanks must go to Flt Lt George Hibbert and Fg Off Craig Allison for hosting us and making CWO Goates and myself feel so welcome. We both thoroughly enjoyed the day”