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Press Release

134 (Bedford) Squadron
Air Training Corps
MK42 0TH

16th Oct 2014

Cadets Get Grant For Online Learning

Air Cadets from Bedford Squadron unveiled two brand new laptops which had been purchased due to the support of Eastcotts Ward Borough Councillor Sarah Holland. The Squadron was able to buy the laptops following a £600 grant from Cllr Holland’s ward fund.

The laptops will be widely used by all of the cadets on the Squadron. It will allow more cadets to progress through their academic syllabus as most academic training and examinations with the Air Cadet Organisation is now carried out electronically.

As well as the traditional Air Cadet qualifications, this will be especially important when the cadets undertake their BTEC in Aviation Studies. This qualification is widely recognised by potential employers when they look for employment outside of the organisation.

They will also be available for when the Squadron is away from its Shortstown Headquarters such as when it is flying or camping. It will help to reduce the time required to complete paperwork and therefore allowing the Squadron to operate more efficiently.

Cdt Rhys Barton, 15 years said “The new computers are great, I look forward to using them when I am studying for my BTEC, thank you Cllr Holland for giving us the money to buy them.”

Cllr Holland said I am delighted that I have been able to help with purchasing the laptops for the air cadets this is a brilliant use of my ward fund."