134 (Bedford) Sqn
Air Cadets
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Press Release

134 (Bedford) Squadron
Air Training Corps
MK42 0TH

19th Nov 2013

Skilled Up

Thirty four cadets from Bedford, Huntingdon and St Ives Squadrons participated in a military skills training weekend at the RAF Barnham Training Area in Thetford. The training included lectures ranging from cooking in the field, kit and equipment, harbour areas and sentry duties to name but a few.

The weekend was heavily dependant on radio communications and therefore an excellent opportunity for the qualified cadets to practice their skills.

The time spent on the training area also included two nights in a bivouac, orienteering and an evening exercise culminating all the skills learnt through-out the training.

The weekend ended with an educational visit to the RAF Regiment's Force Protection Centre on RAF Honington. This highlighted the Regiment's on-going training, latest equipment and operational requirements in current deployment.

Sgt Goates was a in charge of a flight and commented, "It was my first time to the Barnham Training Area and my flight of cadets got to know their way around the 430 acres by the end of the weekend. I'm looking forward to the advanced weekend planned in the early part of next year."